Hey everyone!

Maye, my sister Luisa and I went to Santo Domingo from Macao Beach in the Punta Cana area by public transportation. It was a fun and smooth adventure that we decided to take some notes about. Also, we took a short video with our phones in order to share with visitors to the DR  some useful information about the route. As we run a Hostel in the Punta Cana area all  the time we are getting updates and impressions about the routes that our guests, backpackers most of the times, give us about them as well as information provided by locals that use public transportation in a regular basis.

So, these are the 3 steps to get Santo Domingo from Macao.

In total it takes 2.5 hours approximately and $8 to $9 USD or $400 DOP. From our experience in our hostel we know that most people is advised to take the route that goes through Bavaro on the Bavaro Express but, that way takes longer and is more expensive even though  the distance is shorter. In case you want to do this route the other way from Santo Domingo to Macao you can follow the steps of this post from  3 to 1 keeping in mind some of the bus stops in the other way are not in the same location. Therefore I would advise to ask drivers about stops locations and distances.


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